About Us

Juggerknot Theatre Company

Juggerknot Theatre Company is the producer of the critically acclaimed series Miami Motel Stories, a real-time immersive theatre experience that takes place inside hotel/motel spaces within developing neighborhoods.

Juggerknot Theatre Company was founded in Miami, Florida in 1998.The company helped redefine the burgeoning theatre scene emerging from Miami’s Urban Core, showcasing and developing works from local and national playwrights. Today Juggerknot continues to push the boundaries and expectations of its audience by delivering alternative, experimental, and non-traditional theatre works to audiences.

PopUP Theatrics

PopUP Theatrics is a partnership between theatre artists Tamilla Woodard, Ana Margineanu and Peca Stefan.  PopUp Theatrics’ mission is to create site-specific/ site impacting theatrical events in dynamic collaborations with theatre artists world-wide. PopUPs newest concept for international collaboration, INSIDE, premiered in Madrid in 2013 and it was followed by the second edition in Bucharest this year. The partners, Tamilla Woodard and Ana Margineanu first bought the immersive single spectator Hotel Project to audiences in Mexico in 2011 and to the US at the WJ Hotel in NYC and The Grand Summit in New Jersey and 2012.  Long Distance Affairfollowed as the next multi-country collaboration and the first officially under the brand PopUp Theatrics. Since its premier in 2011 , Long Distance Affair has been produced in 5 editions (New York City, Mexico, Edinburgh, Buenos Aires and Bucharest). Long Distance Affair has brought together more than 75 artists working from countries on 6 continents and has garnered critical praise from press outlets worldwide (El Pais, Clarin, Huffington Post, UK and Huffington Post NYC among many others). Also, The Window,another site- specific intervention in NYC was nominated to 7 New York Innovative Theatre Awards in 2013, receiving 4 Awards, including Best Ensemble. In 2014 INSIDE was awarded with The Special Jury Award at the Romanian Independent Theatre Festival.